Central Missouri Volleyball Club


Adopted: 1994

Revised:  November 2011

Approved: November  28, 2011 

ARTICLE 1-Mission

The Central Missouri Volleyball Club (CMVBC) is the governing body organized under these bylaws to promote and support the sport of volleyball in mid-Missouri. Goals of the CMVBC are to develop individual players; organize team competition; develop teams that are competitive in the Heart of America (HOA) and Gateway regions and at the national level; and provide education and assistance to the public regarding the sport of volleyball. The club is affiliated with USA Volleyball (USAV) and remains a private organization responsible only to its membership.

ARTICLE 2-Membership

2.1 Organization - There shall be two levels of membership: individual and associate.

Individual membership shall be available to any person over the age of 21 who pays the required dues as determined annually by the CMVBC Board of Directors at its initial meeting.

Associate memberships are available to organizations and businesses desiring to support the club's goals, either by monetary contributions or in-kind contributions. Associate members are not required to pay dues.

2.2 Voting - All dues-paying members shall be entitled to vote at all meetings of the general membership.

ARTICLE 3-Board of Directors

3.1 Organization - The governing body of the CMVBC shall be a Board of Directors (Board) selected and organized as hereinafter provided. The Executive Board (voting members) shall be composed of the following offices: president, vice-president/tournaments, secretary, treasurer, coaches liaison, immediate past president/member-at-large, team rep liaison, concessions manager, PR/media representative, and merchandise coordinator. Each Executive Board member will have one vote at all Board meetings. If more than one person per family holds a Board position, only one vote per family will be allowed. In case of a tie vote, the decision of the President shall prevail. A quorum shall be compiled of the members of the Board divided by two plus one.

The Assistant Tournament Director and Practice Facilities Coordinator will be considered Board members and will be asked to attend all Board meetings; however, they will be non-voting members.

3.2 Terms/Elections - The Board shall begin solicitation of volunteers for Board positions after teams have been selected and players notified. The notification could be by phone or letter. A slate of officers will be created and voted upon at the first parents meeting prior to January 1st. Those with the most votes will fill the positions for which they were nominated subject to a background screening required by the HOA Regional Office. All officers will serve for one year with their term to run from December 1 to November 30.  All officers are subject to re-appointment or re-election.

3.3 Board responsibilities - The board is subject to the club membership and shall not take any action which conflicts with the majority vote of the membership. The board has general supervision of CMVBC programs, coordinates activities and fundraising, acts as treasurer and disburser of CMVBC funds, is arbitrator of internal conflicts, advises on general questions relating to operation of teams, has authority to set and amend policies, and maintains possession of all club assets.

3.4 Board member responsibilities - The members of the board shall be responsible for the following duties:

President: Directs the board; appoints committee members with the advice of the membership; signs all official documents on behalf of the club; and serves as the liaison between past and present boards. Serves as a voting member of the board.
Vice-President/Tournaments: Serves as chair of Tournament Committee; responsible for CMVBC sponsored tournaments; and directs meetings in the absence of the President. Serves as a voting member of the board.
Secretary: Maintains historical record of Board members, meeting minutes, bylaws and policies within a master binder that is passed to next elected Board Secretary. Submits individual player and coach registration forms for USAV membership. Serves as a voting member of the Board.
Treasurer: Records financial transactions of the club; disburses funds as deemed appropriate by the board; compiles list of out-of-town tournaments by team; and prepares written monthly treasurer's report. Serves as a voting member of the board.
Coaches Liaison: Serves as a liaison between the CMVBC coaches, the board, and parents. Serves as a voting member of the board. The Coaches Liaison will be chosen by the coaches.   Practice Facilities Coordinator: Assists the Coaches Liaison with coordination of the practice facilities and gym schedules.
Team Rep Liaison:: Serves as a representative for all Team Reps and reports on the general activities of the teams. The other Team Reps will choose the Team Rep Liaison. Serves as a voting member of the Board.
Immediate past president/Member at large: Provides advice and guidance to the board. Serves as a voting member of the board.
Assistant Tournament Director: Assists Vice-President/Tournaments in the completion of his or her duties.
Concessions Manager: Head of Concessions Committee; organizes concession sales at home tournaments; responsible for providing food items for sale at home tournaments; keeps detailed records; and provides written report of functions.  Serves as a voting member of the Board.
PR/Media Representative: Coordinates all communications with outside media sources, as well as maintaining and updating the official Club website.  Serves as a voting member of the Board.
Merchandise Coordinator:  Responsible for assuring that all team uniforms are ordered and distributed.  Processes orders for other CMVBC merchandise items.  Directs fundraising activities especially at home tournaments, such as sales of shirts, shorts, hats, etc.  Serves as a voting member of the Board.
Team Representative:  Liaison between team, coach, players, parents and Board. Submits registration forms for each tournament; reports win/loss records for each tournament to PR/Media Representative, and is responsible to insure that activities for home tournaments have persons staffed for set-up, break-down, and concessions.
Subcommittee chairs and members: As designated by the President, when formed by authorization of the Board.

3.5 Compensation - No person shall receive compensation for the performance of any duties relating to his or her responsibilities as a CMVBC Board member. The Board may consider reimbursement for reasonable, documented expenses required for operation of the club, provided such approval is subject to a vote of the Board.

ARTICLE 4-Coaches

4.1 Coaching Credentials - The following criteria regarding coaches will apply:

  1. A review committee headed up by the Coaches Liaison will interview or process through each potential coach and make recommendations to the Board
  2. Coach will be certified as a junior USAV referee
  3. Coach will be IMPACT certified  
  4. Coach will have CMVBC Board approval
  5. Coach will pass USAV background review

ARTICLE 5-Meetings

5.1 Schedule - Two general meetings, which are open to all members of the CMVBC, will be scheduled as follows:

  1. Meeting before tryouts.
  2. Meeting after tryouts and prior to the first tournament at which time the membership will vote on the slate of officers, discuss first home tournament, solicit volunteers to work at the tournament, and collect USAV membership dues.

Board meetings are held at least once a month from September through May and are open to all members. Special Board meetings may also be called at the request of the President.

5.2 Notification - Notice of all meetings shall be given to all coaches, players and parents via the CMBVC web page at www.CMVBC.org. The Secretary shall be responsible for providing notice to the PR/Media Coordinator.

5.3 Agenda - The President shall prepare an agenda of items to be discussed at each meeting. The Secretary shall enter the agenda into the minutes. The minutes shall include reports from the Secretary, Treasurer, and all active committees or subcommittees; a record of votes taken during the previous meeting; a calendar of upcoming events or deadlines; and the time, date, and place of the meeting.

For a special meeting of the Executive Board, notification and agenda requirements may be waived.

ARTICLE 6-Fiscal Operations

6.1 Authority procedures - All transactions made on behalf of or involving monies of the CMVBC may only be performed in accordance with approved activities. No member or officer shall obligate the club to any expenditure greater than $50.00 without first gaining Board approval unless the expenses incurred are for usual and customary purposes needed to carry out regular club activities. All CMBVC checks must have two signatures--Treasurer and President. In the absence of either the Treasurer or President, the Vice-President may also sign checks.

6.2 Audit procedures - The Board will institute audit procedures at the conclusion of each Board's term. Audit results must be made available to the succeeding Board within 30 days of the final Board meeting. Financial records are available for review by Board members at any time.

6.3 Status of funds - All money remaining at the conclusion of a Board's term will remain in the CMVBC treasury for use as succeeding Boards see fit. The Board shall maintain a positive balance at all times.

6.4 Liquidation of funds - If the club votes to dissolve its bylaws, it will also effectively liquidate all assets, including supplies, inventories, surplus property, equipment, cash, or other holdings as the current Board deems.

6.5 End of year financial report - At the end of the year, the treasurer will submit monthly treasurer's reports with receipts for an end of the year audit.  The CMVBC fiscal year will run from August 1 through July 31. 

ARTICLE 7-Administrative Operations

7.1 Selection of coaches - At its first meeting of each new playing season, the Board shall determine what programs it will offer and select an appropriate coaching staff in accordance with Article 4.1 to support these programs.

7.2 Tryouts/guidelines – The Coaches Liaison will determine a tryout schedule and implement an evaluation format giving each participant an equal chance to make the team.  Prospective participants will be evaluated on all fundamental volleyball skills, attitude, and conduct.

7.3 Limits of Board responsibility - The Board retains the right to investigate any matter that it believes may involve the membership at-large or the long-term standing of the club.

ARTICLE 8-Conduct of Participants

8.1 Conduct of Board members - Every person who serves on the CMVBC Board of Directors must adhere to high standards of professional conduct. The goal of the organization is to influence positively the young women and men participating in the sport of volleyball, and at no time should a Board member violate the high ethical trust demanded by this position of service. Board members may be removed for ethical misconduct by a two-thirds vote of the Board.

8.2 Conduct of coaches - - Coaches have the responsibility of encouraging, educating, motivating, and evaluating participants in the CMVBC programs. Coaches must also strive to represent the CMVBC as an organization that respects players as individuals and values their contributions to their teams. The goal of every CMVBC coach is to provide team members with the means to improve their skills and an opportunity to display their abilities in competition and abide by CMVBC Coaches Code of Ethics. Through success in competition, the CMVBC program can best meet its mission of promoting the sport of volleyball in mid-Missouri. A coach may be removed for ethical misconduct by a two-thirds vote of the Board.

8.3 Conduct of players - Every player has been selected to participate, thereby denying another player the potential of participation. Therefore, all players are expected to participate fully in the demands of CMVBC activities. Players should commit their time and energy as directed by their coaches, and should strive to represent the club, their team, and themselves in the best possible manner. Players must always be supportive of their teammates, coaches, officials, and parents and abide by CMVBC Players' Code of Ethics. A player may be removed for ethical misconduct by a two-thirds vote of the Board.

8.4 Conduct of parents - The role of parents is an integral part of the CMVBC. Their participation is mandatory and provides the support necessary for many vital club functions. It is necessary for parents to support their player's team and coaching staff, to conduct themselves at all times as to show support for the program and the opportunities it provides, and to abide by CMVBC Parents' Code of Ethics. It is mandatory that each family work at each home tournament in order for their child to participate in practices and tournaments. A parent may be banned from CMVBC activities for ethical misconduct by a two-thirds vote of the Board.

Article 9-Amending the Bylaws

9.1 Notice and procedure - Any member may propose to amend, adopt or repeal sections of the current CMVBC bylaws. Such proposals must be forwarded in writing to the Board, which shall place the issue on the agenda at the next two meetings of the general membership. At the conclusion of the second meeting, the membership will vote to approve or disapprove the suggested amendment. A two-thirds majority of the general membership present at that meeting is necessary to approve any change, addition or deletion.

9.2 Limitations on changes - Requests to amend, adopt, or repeal portions of the bylaws should be limited to addressing one section of the bylaws in each proposal.

9.3 Parliamentary Authority - The rules contained in Roberts Rules of Order, Revised, shall govern this club in all cases to which they are applicable, including meetings of members and Board of Directors, if not inconsistent with these bylaws, or other special rules which may be adopted by the club from time to time.

Every person who is or has been an officer or coach of the club shall be indemnified by the club against all expenses or proceedings to which he may be defendant or party defendant, or with which he may be threatened, by reason of or growing out of or in relation to his being or having been a director or officer of the club.



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Board Policy

Re-Adopted by the Board October, 2009


  1. The Central Missouri Volleyball Club (CMVBC) tryout fee must be paid prior to tryouts. Reimbursement will be made to candidates who are not selected for a CMVBC team.  Tryout fees will not be refunded once a player has accepted placement on a CMVBC team. 
  2. In addition to the tryout fee, CMVBC membership dues will be assessed each player according to the approved dues schedule.  The entire balance of dues is to be paid by December 31st.  The exception is for National Bound Level players who may pay half their dues by December 31st and the remainder by February 15.  Any player with outstanding dues will not be allowed to participate in club-approved tournaments or further practices.
  3. Each player will receive a uniform shirt and shorts as part of the membership fee.  For Regional Level and National Bound Level teams, an additional uniform shirt and shorts will be included as part of the membership dues.


  1. During tryouts, there will be two raters at each station.  The scores will be averaged for each participant.  If a sudden illness or other unforeseen circumstance prevents a player from attending tryouts, notice should be given to the President or Vice-President on or before the date of the tryouts for consideration of a possible alternate tryout date.
  2. Team rosters are considered complete when teams have been chosen and players have been notified and accepted a position on a team. Any player not available for the originally scheduled tryout times, wishing to join/tryout for a completed team, must request and receive approval from the Board before consideration is given or rosters altered.


  1. A consent form will be signed by parents and players prior to CMVBC tryouts that states:   

All players are expected to fully participate in the demands of CMVBC activities, therefore, playing volleyball for CMVBC will be the number one (#1) priority over other non-school activities. In fairness to other team members, any player or parent that is not willing to make this commitment is discouraged from CMVBC tryouts.

  1. Players will be penalized for unexcused absences by sitting out one entire match during tournaments for each missed practice up to the discretion of the coach. If only six (6) players are available during a particular tournament, the suspension may be delayed until the next tournament.
    Any concerns related to a player’s attendance or commitment to the team should be directed to the team’s coach. If needed, the Board, through the Coaches’ Liaison will review the handling of such situations and deal with the coach/player situation, as it deems necessary.
  2. CMVBC has a no smoking, no alcohol, and illegal drugs policy. This policy, as well as the insistence that players maintain a passing grade point average, will be enforced throughout the season according to the coach’s discretion. Infractions of this policy could lead to a possible suspension from the team.
  3. If applicable, prior to tryouts for CMVBC, players/parents are asked to determine their school’s policy for participation in a non-school competitive sport during another school sport season.   If in conflict, this information must be communicated to the CMVBC coach prior to acceptance of an offer by CMVBC.
  4. Once a player/parent commits to a CMVBC team for the season, no HOA release will be given except in the event of a geographical relocation of the player (i.e.  family move).
  5. No club dues will be refunded if a player chooses to no longer participate on a team.  In the event of an injury, a refund will be considered by the Board on a case by case basis.


  1. A Board approved stipend will be paid to head coaches for the season, varied by team commitment level.  A food and mileage reimbursement allowance is paid to coaches traveling to out-of-town tournaments.  CMVBC will pay for coaches lodging expenses at all out-of-town club-approved tournaments. Any lodging amount in excess of $100 per night must be approved by a vote of the Board.  A receipt for actual lodging expenses must be turned in to the CMVBC Treasurer after each reimbursed stay.  All rooms reserved in Missouri for CMVBC coaches in an official CMVBC capacity should be made tax exempt using CMVBC's tax-exempt letter.
  2. CMVBC will buy a uniform shirt for each coach and assistant coach.
  3. A training program will be established for the coaches by the Coaches Liaison. Funding for the coaches training program, along with the training plan and costs, should be submitted to the Board for approval as a part of the budget process.
  4. The Coaches Liaison and Tournament Director will take inventory of all CMVBC equipment and possessions at the end of the season and maintain the equipment and possessions during the off-season.
  5. The following steps must be taken if a player has a concern with a coach:

A)     Player should discuss the concern with the coach and try to arrive at a solution.

B)      If the concern is not resolved, the player and parents may make an appointment to speak with the coach.  Do not approach a coach to discuss a concern during practice or a tournament.

C)     If a solution cannot be reached, the Team Rep Liaison will contact the Coaches Liaison who will speak with the coach.

D)     If the coach and Coaches Liaison cannot resolve the problem, the Coaches Liaison will present the problem to the Board for final resolution.


  1. Information about CMVBC and its teams will be published in a timely fashion on the web page. The web site will contain information for players and parents regarding win/loss records, tournaments, hotel accommodations, Board meetings, and other CMVBC activities.
  2. It is the Board's recommendation that at least one female parent or guardian be present at all team activities.
  3. In the event of a wedding, birth or death in the immediate family of a current CMVBC Board member, coach, Team Rep or player, an acknowledgement not to exceed $25 may be sent on behalf of the Club.

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